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Perry Farrell's Satellite Party/Mink @ Great American Music Hall, 10/1/07

I kicked off October on a high note, dancing nostalgically with Perry Farrell.

I’m not sure of the circumstances which caused this show to be moved from The Fillmore to GAMH, but I’m really glad. GAMH provided the perfect atmosphere- this turn of the century Baroque theater and the vaudevillian style performer that Perry Farrell is.

I caught the last 4 songs or so of Mink’s set. They’re from New York, and have this drummer chick that totally rocks out. There’s no dainty drumming going on there (yeah, I’m talking to you, Meg, and the chick from Autolux).

Satellite Party is the perfect name for this band. Farrell is a connoisseur at making the crowd feel welcome, like a host at a party. He shakes everyone’s hand, introduces each song with some warm and fuzzy yet cool statement, and partakes in drinking and smoking with the crowd. His voice is fantastic, and the set list was a great balance of new SP material, Porno for Pyros, and Jane’s Addiction.



To quote my fellow concert goer, “He seems like the nicest person I’ve ever seen on stage”. I’ve always thought that Farrell has made interesting, unclassifiable music, and it was good to see that it translated well onto the stage. I had no idea that the back up singer was his wife- she looks a bit porno for pyros. Here’s my short bit of footage from the show:


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