Top 5 Places to find out about upcoming shows

“Hard Rock Chick…how do you find out about all of the wonderful shows you go to?” Well, my dear readers, let me bestow some knowledge unto you.

iConcertCal: So it’s a bit odd to use- install the feature and then turn on the visualizer to use it. But- it’s the most personalized with the least amount of effort involved. It is, however, disheartening when Kelly Clarkson pops up as a recommendation just because you have 1 silly song in your music library. Shhhh….. One step up from iConcertCal, this one will recommend music and shows to you based on what you are listening to- thus you can find out about new artists. You can also see what upcoming shows are popular in your area, and what people are saying about them. I also like it because it will show me a history of everything I have been too. Good thing it doesn’t show me the amount of money I spent doing it…

JamBase: The most extensive in listing everything available on a given day. Beyond that, it’s not very useful.

Venue/Ticket site alerts/emails: Sign up for alerts or emails from your favorite venues or everyone’s least favorite ticket site, Ticketmaster. This is the best way to avoid missing out on on sale times.

And last but not least…moi. Check out my weekly Wednesday show recommendations and ticket sales alerts– where I’ve filtered through all of these sources and done the legwork for you!

Honerable Mention: TechCrunch posted about a new site called Songkick. We’ll see how it works for me.


    If you’re a Mac user, you can also add the onTour widget to your dashboard. It has the same functions as iCal, being that it *first* lists all concerts in your area related to who is in your music library. Then it lists ALL total music in your area.

    I’m a fan…


    I’d really love to know what you think of our site ( All of us are hardcore music fans, going to 3-4 shows a month, so we’re really committed to making an awesome site for going to see shows.

    With our Band Manager you can choose never to see tour info for Kelly Clarkson even though you have that one mp3 in your library. 🙂 You can also add bands that you don’t own music for, but still want to go see live.

    What I’m most excited about is being able to see tour info for any artist a blog mentions. So with our blog widget, you embed a line of code and you can get links to buy tickets if any band you talk about is on tour. You don’t have to do any of the research, our widget does all that work for you.

    If you ever have anything you feel is missing from Songkick, or general feedback please let me know! You’re exactly the kind of music fan we want using our site.

    I used to live in SF so I know how awesome it is for music.


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