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The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust!

Saul William’s new album, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust! is releasing November 1st. It is being distributed in a similar fashion to Radiohead’s In Rainbows. Trent Reznor produced the album, and it’s the first time he’s done this since Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar. If your familiar with Saul’s work, you know to anticipate some unclassifiable, thought provoking, in-your-face stuff. And if the title reveals anything, it’s that we should expect something revelatory once again.


    if the title reveals anything? its a total bowie ripoff — not clever or “revelatory”.

    Yes…I get the Bowie reference. I don’t think that means that the album will be a Bowie ripoff…ever listened to any of his music before???

    Fuck me you’ve haven’t missed the point at all have you. The fact that as opposed to being a bowie rip off its actually an attempt to do for black music what bowie did for pop at the time, attempting to drag it out of a self inflicted cliche ridden mire of uncreative, unintelligible sound bites. You probably shouldn’t by it cause there’s not a single song that you’d understand. For any one else with an ounce of appreciation for creative fresh talent, Saul is one of the only artists out there who ain’t afraid to criticise his own community and of course the rest of us sorry assholes just cause he might not get on mtv. He is a poet. He is an artist. You ain’t heard nothing like it.

    honestly – EVERYTHING is a rip off of the music that came before it, because EVERY ARTIST is influenced by someone. even your FAVORITE artist was inspired and/or influenced by someone else (genius or not). so to call the TITLE of this shit a rip off – is totally reaching. i’d also say – listen to Saul’s shit before judging it.

    NOW – i don’t know if i agree with the comment that Saul is attempting to do for black music what Bowie did for pop at that time. I mean…yeah, Saul is black – and yes, this is music…but HONESTLY…what fuckin’ color is MUSIC!? Is Saul a hip-hop purist? YES. Does Saul do black or white music. No! Music is music, period. To me – and I’m not bashing whoever said this above – but to classify music as black, white or whatever…to me – thas one of the biggest reasons people don’t fuck with certain genres. Like…I’m a black man – and most black people I know won’t fuck with rock music because they feel that’s WHITE music. Had a woman say that to me two days ago at work when i was speaking about TV on the Radio’s disc…and I thought that was the most absurd shit I’d ever heard. And like I told her…I’m making a hip-hop album right now…but I got a lil’ rock influence in my shit…so she probably will skip those tracks. I think…DAMN I’m sorry this is so long…but I think – Americans are the only people in the world who classify music as being a color. And that’s some funny shit to me. Nevertheless…I have Saul’s first two joints – and I’d say 99.99% of the rappers out there could NOT fuck wit this dude lyrically. Because 98.99% of the rappers out there ain’t INTELLIGENT enough to fuck with him. The other one percent – I’ma give ’em a pass.

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