The Hard Rock Chick Wants to Know: What's the most memorable thing an audience member has said to you after a show?

At smaller shows, you can often see band members milling around the crowd. This can give fans the rare and sometimes unfortunate opportunity to interact with the band- the very thing that the security guards and barriers try to prevent at larger shows. While most audience members behave themselves, that doesn’t prevent them from saying something weird. Luckily the Hard Rock Chick is shy, and refrains from gush sessions that might borderline on groupie talk.

Here are a couple of great quotes from some bands who answered this edition of ‘The Hard Rock Chick Wants to Know’:

“What’s the most memorable thing that an audience member has said to you after a show?”

“‘You Guys are actually good!’… then the rest are rated R.”

Oliver Future

“Most memorable? It was…’Awesome show! Fuck- sorry I have to run, I just shelfed a pill and I think I’ve just shit myself!'”

Dukes of Windsor

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