Rolling Stone keeps stealing my stories

It was a life long dream of mine to write for Rolling Stone. I was really psyched when a little piece of mine was a finalist in one of their contests (and MySpace is doing a music tour, BTW).

But the Rolling Stone Rock Daily blog keeps hijacking my stories. Here is a list of items I reported on first, and then they mysteriously showed up on the Rock Daily later.

->Best Musicians in Movies: my version. Their version. 2 in common- Bowie and Love, mine debuted 4 months earlier.
->Krist Novoselic’s entry into blogging: my version. Their version. Mine was a day earlier.
->Whoa/Outrageous music videos: my version. Theirs. 2 in common. Mine was 3 months earlier.
->The VMAs are dead: mine and theirs. Mine was 14 days earlier, and the title they used is straight from my entry.
->NIN Year Zero ARG: Mine….theirs. Mine was a week earlier.

You get the point. OK RS, either start paying me or stop stealing my shit.

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    Right on!

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