Top 5: Songs that are long and could be longer

These songs could go on forever…and almost do.

Christian Woman, Type O Negative (9:04)

Freebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd (9:13)

Estranged, Guns ‘n’ Roses (9:24)

In A Gadda Da Vida (17:11) They even had to youtube it in 2 parts!


    start tangent …

    I’m probably not saying anything new here, but Guns n Roses is just SUPER epic. Maybe everyones reaction is “Well, duh!” but I think I fought that reaction for awhile. I told myself that I couldn’t take them too seriously since they were over-dramatic grunge-gaudy superstars.

    But I give in. I literally have to stop and close my eyes when I hear their songs. This one in particular. Some sort of nostalgic full body experience takes over.

    I can’t bring myself to see the current GnR. I think it’ll hurt.

    end tangent …

    You could have gone Nov. Rain for GnR and didn’t. I like that. @Eryn – you’ve got to add the alligator brackets to your tangets… Something like this.

    Freebird reminds me of a show I saw at a little place in Austin called Stubbs. Great venue.

    damn… wordpress filtered it. nm. i suck.

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