The 2007 HardRockChick.com Awards

Of the 126 bands I saw this year, here are my choices across a multitude of categories. Consider most of the categories recommendations for buying tickets in the future.

Best Shows:
1. Marilyn Manson
2. Velvet Revolver
3. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)

Worst Shows:
1. The Frail
2. Incubus (my fault mostly)
3. Dan Deacon

Biggest “I was there” moments:
1. Bridge School
2. The Nightwatchman
3. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)

Most overhyped:
1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. Of Montreal
3. Blonde Redhead

Best ‘In the know’ shows (big musician in a little venue)
1. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)
2. Tom Morello/The Nightwatchman
3. Jeordie White/Goon Moon
4. Perry Ferrell/Satellite Party
5. Richard Patrick/Army of Anyone

Most exclusive, aka shows where I could have hocked my ticket for big bucks:
1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. M.I.A. (Rickshaw show)
3. Daft Punk

Bitches who canceled their tours on me:
1. White Stripes
2. Too Short
3. The Decemberists

Best swag:
1. Velvet Revolver pick
2. M.I.A. setlist
3. Ozzy pick

Most fun shows:
1. Marilyn Manson
2. Mickey Avalon @ popscene
3. Daft Punk
4. Ghostland/Honeycut/The Gray Kid/Landshark

Craziest shit happened at:
1. Brian Jonestown Massacre
2. Metallica @ Bridge School
3. any Mickey Avalon show

Best Spectacle:
1. Manson
2. Rob Zombie

Best up and coming local bands:
1. immigrant
2. Darker My Love
3. Honeycut

Music I saw the most:
1. The Gray Kid (4 times)
2. Mickey Avalon, immigrant (3 times)
3. She Wants Revenge, Triple Cobra, Ghostland, Honeycut, Black Angels, Kavinsky, M.I.A. (2 times)

Bands that I need to see again, due to short sets or bad venues:
1. Tool
2. Trans Am
3. The Rapture

Best venues:
1. Great American Music Hall
2. Bottom of the Hill
3. The Warfield

Happy New Year!

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    great summary list of what sounds like a fantastic year of shows for you Jamie. may the new year blow away the old!!

    Love the recap. Thanks for doing most of the legwork for me. I added a few shows we didn’t share to see my damage. Yikes (even if it isn’t at your level of yikes)

    BTW: The Faint (@ Mezzanine) should have made #5 on the ‘Most Fun’ list, for sure!

    Also, you’re missing: “Shows where bitches tried to fight me”.

    The Faint @ Mezzanine was back in December ’06…thus, it didn’t count.

    oops. I take it back then. Your list is absolutely fucking perfect.

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