Top 5: Music Video directors

1. Spike Jonze

Fatboy Slim/Praise You. To put himself in the starring role took something all by itself. And it was very timely, hitting in 1999, right before reality television took off.

Beastie Boys/Sabotage. He took the already cool Beastie Boys and made them cooler.

Fatboy Slim/Weapon of Choice. Two words: Christopher Walken. Two more words: Can Dance.

2. Michel Gondry

Foo Fighters/Everlong. This was the first time that I realized that Dave Grohl’s post Nirvana career was going to stick.

Daft Punk/Around the World

White Stripes/Fell In Love With A Girl. Brought Legos back before the Lego Star Wars games did.

3. Mark Romanek

NIN/Closer. Have I said enough about this video already? Then go here for a lesson on the inspiration.

Michael & Janet Jackson/Scream. This remains to be the most expensive video ever made.

Jay-Z/99 Problems. Keepin’ it controversial.

4. Sam Bayer

Nirvana/Smells Like Teen Spirit. His first video…

Garbage/Stupid Girl. She looks mad.

Marilyn Manson/Coma White. My favorite Manson line up, beautifully highlighted.

5. Alex and Martin

White Stripes/Seven Nation Army. Kaleidescope.

Air/Radio #1. Sometimes this is how I feel.

Kasabian/Shoot the Runner. What iPod commercials would be like if they were still cool.

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    Strongly agree! Mark Romanek also directed Madonna’s “Rain” video and many others. I would have somehow squeezed in Andrew Morahan for directing GnR’s “November Rain” and “Estranged” videos, among others.

    Great post, overall. Rock on!

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