The Hard Rock Chick Wants to Know: What's your band's New Year's Resolution?

The new year tends to bring laundry lists of new year’s resolutions to us all. Of course, since January is almost over, they’ve all just about been broken.

I was wondering if band’s have new year’s resolutions, so I asked a few. And I realized that bands get to have much cooler resolutions than I do.

“…to drink more wine.”

Xu Xu Fang

“To drink more before passing out.”

Wired Desire

“Our new years resolution is to be a better band, better songs, better shows. To write an album that will be moving and cathartic. To play the East coast and to meet new people and indoctrinate them into our cult all before 2009 smacks in the collective kisser with it’s bear like paw.”


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