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She Wants Revenge goes the way of Radiohead, NIN

A MySpace bulletin announcement proclaimed independence from Geffen today, as SWR sets up their own online record label to handle their affairs.

Here’s their announcment:

After months of hoping, crossed fingers, emails, phone calls, and conversations, we have officially been released from our contract with Geffen/Interscope records.

We would formally like to announce our independence and the launching of our own independent record company, which up until now has just been an imprint, but is now our home…PERFECT KISS RECORDS.

Our label will function as an online entity, as well as a distributed “brick and mortar” independent label which will be available in stores, and in addition to She Wants Revenge, we plan on releasing other artists we believe in and want the world to see and hear, some of which we are already in talks with now.

We all know that it is a changing time for music and the industry that makes and sells its, but rather than launch into an obvious diatribe as to why a group like us would benefit from going the independent route and what drove us to make this decision, rather than point the finger at a major label industry that is hanging on for dear life and doing things the only way they know how, let us rather look at the positives.

We are now free to do whatever we want; however we want, whenever we want…plain and simple.

We would not be where we are without the hard work of some great people who helped us get to where we are, many of who work within the major system, so we are not out to criticize anyone, it’s just that at this point the things that we want to achieve creatively cannot be done within the system that helped us get to this point.

We would like to be able to release music as soon as it is made, meaning, if we write a song a week, then why should that song have to wait six months to a year or more for it to find a home?

It shouldn’t, and if there is a collection of songs that feels as if it wants to come out, then we will release an EP, or an LP accordingly. It sounds so simple, and it is, only things get so complicated when you are worried about market share, release schedules, radio play, and quarterly earnings.

Also, we would like to release a minimum of one album and one EP per year, in addition to remixes, singles, and b-sides. Sometimes there will be more output, and sometimes less, as we will also be producing and releasing albums by other artists to be released on Perfect Kiss.

In this new way of doing things, we envision being able to release much more music, accompanying music videos, and any other creative endeavors that we are a part of. So if you are a fan of what we do, you will no longer have to ask, “When is the next album coming out?” because you will probably be getting new music as soon as you are ready for it.

The point of all this being, that we will be creating things for no other purpose other than the desire to make them, and the fact that there is an audience to receive it. This is not to say that we have ever done anything we didn’t want to do, but rather, there were MANY things we wanted to do, but were either unable to do under the old way, or were DISCOURAGED from doing altogether, which is not always the most inspiring thing for an artist to hear, the word – NO, especially when the reasoning is political in nature.

To say we are excited about the future is really an understatement, and there are many, many other things we will be doing in the coming year that we are dying to share with you, but some of them are too early to talk about.

We thank you all for your support and love thus far, and we ask one thing of you as we embark on this new chapter in our artistic lives…. and that is that you continue to support us, perhaps even more, because as we move forward we cannot do it without you, and we feel comfortable in enlisting your support and help because at the end of the day, we do it FOR YOU.

To all that believed in us and helped us to this point, we thank and love you.

’til death do us part…

Justin and Adam
She Wants Revenge
Perfect Kiss Records


    Hilarious statement from one of the worst ‘bands’ ever. Just insert the phrase “dropped from Geffen/Interscope” for the phrase “released from our contract” and you’ll have a better understanding of what really happened. Some things never change. We’re all waiting in eager anticipation for this fantastical label to materialize. It is a certainty that the other music released on this hot new label will be just as original, lasting, and meaningful as an SWR song, band member, or an SWR encounter with a groupie.

    Hmmm…that’s a funny statement coming from someone who listens to Fall Out Boy.

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