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Robin Finck leaves GNR to rejoin NIN

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    There has been nothing that says he has left GNR, simply that he is in the current touring band for NIN. Be happy for the NIN fans, but don’t rub it in (if he has indeed left) to those of us who are pulling for Axl and the current Gunners.

    True, but Trent usually keeps his touring band together for quite a while. So that either means that GNR is not releasing Chinese Democracy this year and not touring, or he’s left. GNR still has Richard Fortus, who totally rocks. Plus, I’m one of the sole music bloggers who doesn’t harp on GNR.

    Robin is gorgeous! I’m so happy he’s back even if he rules in GNR.
    Hardrockchick, if you like Robin, my site is for you!

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