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Cut Copy, Black Kids @ Mezzanine, 4/26/08

Occasionally, between screaming guitars and brutal mosh pits, I like to go dancing. I figured that this one off Coachella show would be a fun night for it. Notice that the headliner’s name is missing.

Black Kids are an interesting hybrid of indie rock, motown, techno, and The Cure. That said, I didn’t get it. The females voices were of super poppy back-up singer quality, and paired with the Robert Smith knock-off voice, it just didn’t work for me.

After many a show at Mezzanine, I should know by now that sold out shows here mean that the most annoying people in SF are bound to be in attendance.

Cut Copy puts on a good show. It’s dancy without getting repetitive, and their stage show is high energy. So much so, that they put one girl in enough of a frenzy to jump onstage. The crowd was going crazy, too, and because everyone was in large groups, it started to become a me against them fight. I thought we were supposed to be dancing, people. It was a nonstop set, and by the end, I was through.

The good things I’ve heard about Simian Mobile Disco will remain a mystery.

Cut Copy performance: 6/10
Black Kids performance: 4/10
venue (Mezzanine): 7/10
crowd/scene: 3/10
value ($20.00/ticket): 3/10
memorable: 9.5/10

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