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NIN Lyrics Analyzer: Pig

Found in:
‘Piggy’: Hey pig piggy pig pig pig
‘March of the Pigs’: All the pigs are all lined up
‘Last’: Pigs we get what pigs deserve

Pig definition:
A person regarded as being piglike, greedy, or gross.

The receiver of the label ‘pig’ varies in NIN lyrics. Sometimes it’s society, sometimes it’s the government, religion or corporations, sometimes it’s us or even him. The pig seems to be an appropriate symbol for describing our constant struggle between being greedy, selfish, and self-indulgent, and being obedient and docile like a caged farm animal. Both are themes that are often covered in NIN songs. The point of the use of pig is that it can be a metaphor for many different subjects, thus obscuring the real source and making it open to interpretation. I would say that ‘Piggy’ in the ’90’s for Reznor was more about drugs and corporations, but today, it is definitely about the government. That’s the beauty of a song that can stand the test of time. We’ve all had a lot of pigs in our lives, and we’ve been pigs ourselves, too.

PIG was also a band signed to Reznor’s Nothing label. ‘Pigs’ was a word written on the walls of the house where the famous Manson murders occurred, which is where ‘The Downward Spiral’ was recorded. Reznor named this infamous house-turned-studio ‘Le Pig’.

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