How do you construct your setlist?

The setlist. That little piece of paper is as important to the band as it is to the audience. It must cover the hits, advertise the new songs, make you dance, make you swoon. I always wonder how the decisions are made, so I asked a few bands:


Sometimes it’s a group decision, sometimes our singer, Kirpatrick, puts it together himself, and we just follow. Personally, I like it when there is a dynamic flow, and when there is room to add a song here or there. The one idea that we completely threw away was playing with no set list. Nothing is worse than standing around in between every song yelling, “what’s next?” to each other with no one giving a definitive answer.”

-Henry, bassist for Spindrift

“Hmm, lately its been telling a story with our songs.”

The Hundred Days

“First we try to think of a cool way to start. Then look for a cool ending song. Then we fill in the blanks- we try to spread it out so if we play a slow song we try and do a fast one next”.

-Bruno, vocalist/lead guitar for Drive A

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