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Fuse unveiled a new show today which will investigate music myths. 2 back to back episodes fetured test to determine if musicians play better in an altered state (no), snorting ants was possible (yes), you could really die in a mosh pit (um, yeah…dur), and if you can really ‘kill’ your voice (yes, but not in one day).

The snorting ants and mosh pit tests were pretty metal. The rest was a bit too narrator-y, and it could benefit from getting some talking heads or musicians who have originated these myths. But, as a new source of rock ‘n roll content on the tube, it satisfies.

Fuse is unveiling a brand new show tonight (Tuesday, June 17th) which stands to be the musical equivalent of Myth Busters! “Rock & Roll Acid Test” will scientifically dissect all those burning music myths such as what it takes to explode the human eardrum? Or, can you really die in a mosh pit? Tune into the premiere episode tonight at 10pm ET/7pm PT on Fuse to see a team of expert scientists and musicians unlock the real truth behind some of music’s biggest myths.

For more information and trailers, head here:

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