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Better Than the Van

Have some extra space? Want to help a band out? Join Better Than the Van.

What is BTTV?

Better Than The Van is a couchsurfing social network for touring bands and musicians. We think it’s a great way for bands and music fans to connect with each other for a practical reason. You’ll meet new people, discover new music and help make touring a little easier. If that sounds like a good time, sign up and give it a try. You can help spread more music to more places.

What’s the story behind the site?

Touring isn’t cheap or easy. We know, we’ve done it for years. We thought of this as a way for bands and music lovers to offer up their floor and couches. We’ve stayed in some great and not so great places while on tour, so we know it can be hit or miss. We figure people are fans of bands and bands become fans of other bands. If we give them all a place to meet under a common need, good things will come of it. We want to help spread more music to more places.

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