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Russell Brand @ Cobb's Comedy Club, 11/6/08

So, I’m not usually compelled to write about the occasional non-music event I go to, but tonight, I just can’t help myself. It’s official, HRC has a new crush, and his name is Russell Brand.

I won’t divulge much about the evening’s affairs, as you can probably witness a lot of it yourself on his upcoming Comedy Central special. But of course, seeing it in person is always better. He works the stage like a rocker, and he definitely dresses like one. Sorta like Jim Morrison doing stand up.

The performance was very well put together; striking a balance between thought provoking quips, pop culture references, and a little gross out humor, all strung together by a common thread. It felt very unique and fresh, as well as personal. Those are ingredients for great comedy to me. So run off and see him if you can before he becomes a big(ger).



    And he’ll have plenty of time for comedy in the US after he got fired from his show on the BBC for making some rather dirty phone calls to some British actor (IIRC, it was about the actor’s granddaughter) on his show. Auntie Beeb got flooded with complaints, so they fired him and his co-host (or got him to resign), and the show’s producer resigned as well.

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