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NIN News Update

The tour may have ended, but the fun keeps a-comin’!

1. Ghost I-IV, for which I am the proud owner of #1094/2500, was ranked the best selling MP3 album of 2008 by Amazon. It was also the 4th most listened to album on And it got two Grammy nominations.

Ghosts I-IV


2. The Slip makes it on multiple Top Albums lists, as well as being a top music moment of 2008.

3. NIN fans are still working on the Fan Made DVD, while simultaneously developing Refresh Button Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as we await a mysterious new holiday gift from TR.


NIN gifts!

4. Manson has requested TR’s presence in his court case with Madonna Wayne Gacy. There’s a money dispute going on between them.

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    THX for the updates. It's a great time to be a NIN fan..

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