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Upcoming Hip Hop Act Asher Roth's Bassist Helped Subdue Bomb Scare on Plane to LAX

Wow, what an interesting story.

Asher Roth, who has been named one of MTV’s MCs to Watch in 2009, will undoubtedly be getting a lot of PR from this story.

As Asher Roth and band’s flight from Atlanta was landing at LAX, where they were going to be on the Carson Daly show, a man announced that he had a bomb. After hearing a flight attendant’s cries for help, bassist Chris Llewlyn and other passengers helped pin the guy to the floor until the plane landed.

In a statement from their PR agent today:

More information has come in from the Asher Roth camp last night after hours (they had gone straight to the tv studio for Carson Daly following the LAX situation) and gave us more detail at approximately 11pm eastern. Asher Roth bassist, Chris Lewellyn, was the real deal tackler of the person crying bomb on flight 110 yesterday and they and Asher want to give him his full hero due. Asher is thankful and proud of Chris’ bravery and hopes Delta gives him free flights for life!

I bet this event will inspire some really good tracks.

photo by bassist Chris Llewlyn

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