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Puscifer Vegas Show Ad

Apparently Maynard is also a Kubrick fan. This pairs nicely with the other Maynard news today that he’s opening an organic market in his little corner of the world in Arizona.


    )(@#!&$)(*&$!@$! And I'll be in Vegas on the 15th, on my way back from a gig in New Mexico. Wish I could've gotten into that show.

    I think they released more tickets…I am tempted…

    Just checked TicketBastard, only 24 tickets left for the night I'll be in Vegas. They're all in one section that's halfway to Henderson, for $48.90 with service charge. Given that I've got bigger fish to fry, I'll just have to see if I can find the Sharone brothers before the show.

    Or just wait for the DVD…….

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