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NIN and Jane's Addiction

After about a month of speculation, I feel confident enough to post with near certainty that Reznor is producing JA’s upcoming album, and with a bit less certainty, that they will tour together this year in an amphitheater tour.

Reznor has revealed through images on and cryptic twitter updates that he was working with another band, posting pictures of JA band members one by one, ending with Perry Farrell this morning.

Now, NIN fans are impatiently awaiting April US dates that were promised in December.


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    This is cool news if true. But is Trent producing an actual full Jane's album, or are they maybe doing a handful of bonus tracks to throw on the upcoming Jane's box set that's coming out?

    That's the big question right now. Currently deciding whether or not to fly down to LA for the JA show on Monday night….

    Did you get on the list to go? I didn't even hear about that show until it was too late. Think I'll wait for the tour.

    My friend would probably die to go to the Echoplex show. He is their biggest fan.

    I did, but sadly, I am not going….

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