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Follow Ilan Rubin, drummer for NIN, on Twitter

The list of musicians utilizing twitter is growing.


Ilan Rubin, the new drummer for NIN, has a twitter now. Follow him and get his updates while he’s on the road here.

His updates so far:

1. NIN show number one was a complete success! I feel fantastic and can’t wait for the next one. Unfortunately I have to wait a few days… 3:33 AM Feb 17th from web

2. Tonight will be my NIN debut and I’m anxiously awaiting show time. It better be flawless, that’s all I have to say. 3:47 PM Feb 16th from web

3. My last day before my first NIN show and I can’t wait. I feel like I’m fully prepared and wish I could fast forward time and get to it. 2:12 AM Feb 16th from web

4. I walked around Auckland for a few hours today and really enjoyed it. An ok description would be as if the UK and an Asian city had a kid 7:26 PM Feb 14th from web

5. I’m packing for my first NIN tour which starts in NZ of all places. Its gonna be good… 11:03 AM Feb 13th from mobile web

I asked if he’d live tweet during shows like Tim Alexander recently did at the Puscifer shows, but no such luck :).


    where is your boy TR? seems like he'd be all over this twitter phenomenon…

    You obviously haven't been reading HRC much:

    i really like Ilan's solo album. he's really talented.

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