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Save DNA Lounge!

DNA is one of my favorite spots to go dancing. They often play great music, people there wear great stuff, and they’ve had increasingly better and better live music. They host Death Guild and MEAT and Bootie. It’s just about the only place I can go and dance to NIN, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, OhGr, Ministry, and Combichrist outside of my home. What more could you ask for?


Why does DNA need our saving? Because The Man is trying to take away their liquor license on account of some alleged nudity during some of their monthly parties, namely, Cream, a monthly lesbian gathering, and Escandalo, a gay Latino night. We’re talking a matter of seconds of flashing over a few different instances.

Really. Flashing at a club full of people who willing paid to go to a sexually themed event is making them cause a fuss? How about the homeless guy on the street who flashed me on my way into the club? Or how about the “I can tell what her hairdo is and I’m not talking about the one on her head” dresses the girls wear in the Marina? How about that?

If this were an underage drinking issue it would be a different story. But we’re just talking about a little T&A here. Grow up.

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