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NIN News Update: Tickets, Scalpers, Twitter Spats, NINJA


Presales for NIN shows caused heart attacks around the U.S. So far, I’ll be at Chula Vista, Las Vegas, Shoreline, and Camden. This time I’ll be vlogging about my shows in lieu of writing, so look for that in May.

Trent Reznor vs. Chris Cornell twitter fight. Reznor wins in a KO.

TR posts about ticket scalping. Fox ‘news’ falsely reports that he admitted to supporting scalpers. They rescind the statement after the NIN community attacks them.

NIN iPhone app is submitted, expected to release in early April.

-Last year’s Google Earth scavenger hunt winners receive an email inviting them and 2 friends to the show of their choice and get a meet & greet.

NINJA2009 site goes live. More free music, multitracks to remix, and a promise of giving away “physical things and opportunities” in the near future.

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