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NIN iPhone App Once Again Shows That NIN 'Gets It'

We’ve been hearing about this NIN iPhone app for awhile- my NIN friend actually discovered it’s potential existence while playing Tap Tap NIN (in the ‘About NIN’ section).

nin app

Today, TR revealed via Twitter, of course, cause he’s cool like that, a link to a Wired article AND video doing a feature run-through of the app. In the video, the “trim and beefy” Reznor and the “pale, wolf-blue” eyed Sheridan run through what is essentially an iPhone friendly version of, the band’s robust social network that I spend way too much time on (as a lurker).

But, of course, after this demonstration, Reznor states that he knows what we’re thinking- cool, but so what? That’s when Digg’s Hipster Techie Kevin Rose is revealed to the camera (surprise!), and he takes us through the Big Brother GPS-based abilities that the iPhone will offer to fans, allowing us to stalk and hook up with one another when within close proximity. And before you even think about the potential this has to reveal Reznor’s exact location, there is a ‘fuzziness’ location protection option. D’oh!

So what does this mean for me? I can brag that I’m at the show and you’re not. That I’m already at the venue waiting in line at some absurdly early hour and you’re not getting rail anymore. I can post photos with the title “The Perfect Drug”, making fans pee themselves all over the globe. The possibilities are endless.

Oh, and since Reznor probably garnered from his survey and/or profiles that iPhone ownership had a somewhat small install base with the fans, they kept non owners in mind by letting them be voyeurs in the situation through online functionality with Google Earth. So during the handful of shows that I won’t be at during this upcoming tour, I can step down from my exhibitionist role and observe.

AND THEN they sealed the video with another snippet of forward thinking- this is NIN app 1.0- another version is already in the works for the new iPhone due this summer.

I swear, when NIN goes on hiatus, the music world is going to stand still.

This app will be available soon- Apple “soon” is probably different than TR “soon”, but states April.

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