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Ilan Rubin's Drum Channel Interviews

3 very nice video interviews with Ilan Rubin are up on Drum Channel. Granted they get pretty technical in the second video (though there is a discussion about the sticks he uses that I could have a LOT of fun with), it’s still a worthy watch for the fans.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

In video 3, ‘The Becoming’ and ‘Demon Seed’ are named as songs that he likes to play that he hasn’t played live yet. ‘Demon Seed’ has NEVER been played live….hmmm…and then he plays some of it. YES!

But, of course, you would know some of the things mentioned in these videos from my interview with Ilan.

Thanks to Broadway Joe for reminding me about these!

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    Thanks for the kudo, Jamie!

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