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Nine Inch Nails: Access iPhone App Takes Twitter, Slaps It Around, Says "Who's Your Daddy?"

I just spent the last 30 minutes discovering new NIN friends in my area.

And if you know a NIN fan, you know that we like nothing better than other like-minded NIN fans.

Twitter has taken the world by storm- you can’t read or watch anything without hearing about it. Trent has not been immune, tweeting frequently about rehearsals, tour dates, imposters, and Viagra. The new NIN iPhone app takes twitter and injects it with steroids, making it location scalable, all while being specific to our NIN community interests. And it’s prettier and is sans Fail Whale thus far.

When the NIN iPhone app was demoed last week, we were shown that it would give fans an iPhone formatted portal for Then we were shown the GPS enabled component of the app- one that would allow you to tailor messages by location, and were given a live show as an example of a use. I don’t know about anyone else, but that demo didn’t really prepare me for how cool it felt to actually use.

Once I got the app loaded, I immediately posted a note and a quick picture of one of my NIN lithos. I searched within one mile of me- no one. 5 miles- no one. Within 50 miles- bingo! A few fans. After claiming my stake as the first SF iPhone owning NIN fan to the app, I was swiftly joined by someone who popped up in Nob Hill, and then the Castro/Mission area.

Then I went to the web portal that everyone (including non iPhone owners) can use to see what’s going on. The globe was spinning around, lighting up all over the world as NIN fans logged on. It was a pretty amazing moment. WE ARE NOT ALONE.


I can’t wait to see the interesting ways they utilize this for the tour. I have schemed some up here.

After toying around with it some more, I realized that I hadn’t turned on my fuzziness protection. You could literally use Google Earth to look in my window. That’ll stay on until I get to a show….

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