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After almost 2 decades of following…..I finally got my picture with Trent Reznor!


Details coming soon!


    i was just wondering if you had a bigger version of this photo available?
    just so we don't sound creepy, we were at the meet and greet yesterday (we're the ones you talked to about the sb drama) right when we got into the venue. we were just looking at pictures from the meet and greet and this one is so small!

    glad you finally got your picture 🙂

    sure- shoot me an email and i'll send it to you: hardrockchick-at-hardrockchick-dot-com

    That is so cool Jamie!!! I can't believe you look so composed in the picture… I'd be freaking out if I had met my rock idol…

    Just stumbled across here and thought I say hi. I was just behind you waiting to see Trent and co. at MV. I still can't believe that after 1O years of following him around I finally got to meet him. I guess we both have one less item on our bucket lists!

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