Things to Spend Money On

rock and shop: i/denti/tee

i/denti/tee: “music tees for music lovers”

At $55 a pop, you can get one of your favorite lyrics on a basic tee. I imagine most of that must be for licensing the lyrics….at least that is my hope. Regardless, It’s a decent concept, a nice looking shirt, AND it comes bundled with 10 iTunes tracks.

The fact that U2’s “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” is a top seller says a lot about our society.



    Speaking from experience, you are correct: That price reflects the publishing fees for the lyrics; the record companies trying to find another revenue stream, etc.

    It does say a lot about today's society, in more ways than one. May I ask which lyric you picked? Is it the tee in the pic?

    I don't think I'd wear one- just think it's an interesting concept. But if I had to- I'd choose the one in the pic- iloverocknroll.

    Perhaps a wise choice, they are very expensive. I agree with you, tho, it's an interesting concept.

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