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Mini Review: Marilyn Manson, September Mourning @ The Warfield, 8/28/09

The last time I saw Manson at The Warfield, it was epic affair.

In the past 2 months, I’ve somehow managed to see Manson 4 times. Since this fourth show fell in between my final NIN shows, I had been referring to it as a Manson sandwich; to which everyone collectively replied “ewww!”. But, hey, apparently everything I wanted to live out in my teenage years in the nineties is just now happening for me. Good things come to those who wait?


I’d heard the name September Mourning before, but didn’t know much about them going into it. it’s Industrial / Metal with a female scream singer; this was the most fitting opener I’d seen for Manson in a while (Slayer is still weird to me…Ours was as well). However, I swiftly started making comparisons to The Birthday Massacre. On paper, this looks like something I’d eat up. They sound good live, and have lots of energy. But there is something missing. They are a bit too theatrical, and the singer, though she sounds great when she screams, swings to the opposite and goes uber girly almost to the point of sounding poppy. I prefer the female fronted bands in this genre to be a little rougher. The band looks a bit wide eyed and bushy tailed up there- I’m sure they’ll get over that in a few tours.

Between sets I went out to the lobby to meet up with a friend, and I got what had to be the worst pick up line ever. Or maybe it wasn’t a pick up line…”I’ll pray for you”. What?! And he kept saying it as he walked off. Fucking weirded me out.

I had initially wanted to come to this show because I had expected the setlist to pull out some of the old tracks, like the last Manson Warfield show. However, I had been following bastendencies twitter and went into the show knowing this would probably not be the case. It still was a better set than any of the Mayhem shows- most likely a result of not having my head in death metal all day and then switching over to Manson. I watched from the first level rather than my usual post on the floor, which was kind of nice as you are even with the stage. The expanded Mayhem setlist included ‘Pretty as a Swastika’, ‘Great Big White World’, ‘WOW’- which makes me laugh, in a good way, ‘Leave a Scar’, and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Nigger’, where Manson takes and ‘plays’ Jeordie’s guitar and Jeordie runs around with the mic screaming. Highlight of the night.


The crowd was really odd at this show….there were the usual Hot Topic kids, but some rural looking folks that had never seen Manson before as well. Then there was the girl in underwear and a bra and a fishnet bodystocking.

After the show, I got to briefly meet Jeordie, which was cool. His resume mirrors some of my most favorite bands, so he’s always been a favorite of mine!

This will probably be my last Manson show for awhile. I’ve definitely enjoyed watching Andy Gerold play bass- he’s quite good and fits in really well. Watching Jeordie play guitar has also been a nice change. I really wish that Manson were one of the special guests at one of these final NIN shows, since I missed that era….but, gotta leave something for the reunion tours!

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