HRC's Top 5 Craziest Concert Moments of 2009

It’s a questions I’m frequently asked:

“So, HRC….I bet you see some crazy stuff at all those wild shows you go to….what’s the craziest thing you saw?”

Well, here you go:

5. Bloody tambourine battle at NIN/JA Santa Barbara where my hair tried to intervene. LMAO at the comment.

4. Psyclon Nine set their drums on fire! I looked for the closest exit just in case….

3. Willie Nelson plays to a barrier lined with Hell’s Angels and someone throws a large sack of weed on stage.

2. Mortis of Marduk slam dunks a guy who ran onstage into the crowd.

1. The ballsy guitarist from Mystic Knights of the Cobra plays almost entirely naked for the whole set in a basement in a remote part of San Francisco on a random Tuesday night for about 10 people…me being one of the only girls. Oh, and the band that played after wears diapers and dildos.

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