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Heavy Breathing: Coalesce, Touche Amore, Black Breath @ Slim's, 5/15/10

It was a pretty metal day.

First, I semi-fainted having blood drawn at a clinic.

Then I watched something with pretty graphic beheadings in it.

Then I took a bath, which is totally not metal, until my cat decided to fall in the tub….

Then I went up to Slim’s and interviewed Black Breath.

Then I came back home and took a shot of tequila.

Then I walked back up to Slim’s, and came across a pigeon that was missing it’s head and had been split in half…I almost took a picture but it was enough of an omen already.

The show was sold out, but I easily got a front row spot for Black Breath. I had high expectations for them, and it was great that they even exceeded that. Their punk/thrash sound lassoed the crowd in towards them. Vocalist Neil McAdams constantly flips his head forward between screams- to the point where it reminded me of them talking about their roadie having a seizure. These guys mean business- they are there to prove themselves to the crowd, and prove themselves they did. ‘WeWhoCannotBe Named’ is my favorite track of theirs, so that was definitely a highlight, as was ‘Fatal Error’. The more that I talk to these up and coming bands, the more respect I have for them. It’s such a hard lifestyle- they are truly up there because they love it. So, if you see Black Breath, buy them some whiskey or tacos, or some merch so they can buy some whiskey and tacos.

Black Breath / Portal

Black Breath / Portal

Black Breath / Portal

Next up was Touche Amore, who I had briefly seen at SXSW and knew was not for me. It’s fun to watch the kids go crazy for them though. So I did that for a bit, and then went to fetch my friend outside, where I walked by the guys from Black Cobra. I’d had a shot of tequila and a beer at this point, and suddenly it hit me…..having blood drawn earlier in the day made me an extra lightweight. Oops.

Coalesce was an interesting band to watch. The guitarist does some bizarre cobra moves and things with his hands. Then he dove into the crowd with his guitar, which is something you don’t see too often. About 5 songs in, I decided it was time to head over to part two of my evening. I made a pit stop in the ladies room. While waiting in line, the girl in front of me peeked between the cracks in a stall because the two girls who occupied it were taking a long time. They were doing coke off the top of the toilet. HA! Is it the ’80s again?

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