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Father F*cker: Peaches Christ Superstar @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, 12/12/10

I’ve been a student of the teaches of Peaches for almost a decade. So when my Yankee friend saw she was playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg on one of the nights I was in town, we snatched up tickets without reading a thing about it.

The first time I saw Peaches was with her, and exactly like that first time, we walked in after Peaches had already taken the stage. Then we noticed everyone was seated….and the song was unfamiliar…

It would be my second evening with Germany-based musicians. But while Rammstein’s production was at one end of the spectrum, Peaches would be performing at the exact opposite- just her and a pianist, Chilly Gonzales. She’s in her usual leotard ensemble, yet somewhat toned down. And that’s when we realize this is her performing Jesus Christ Superstar….

Go ahead and laugh….it is funny we did not realize this. That’s how busy both of us have been. But we stuck around and watched even though neither of us knew a damn thing about JCS. It was like someone going to a Rocky Horror event without being familiar with the film. A lot of humor was lost on us.

One thing I can say is that I was impressed by Peaches’ voice- it sounded great without everything else to back her up. Plus, to do a one woman show like that seemed like quite an undertaking.

There was excellent people watching though…as my friend says, Williamsburg is ground zero for hipsters.

I really don’t have much else to say. If you are a fan of Peaches and Jesus Christ Superstar, this may be right up your alley.

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