HardRockChick interviews Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson

I talked to Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson outside of the White Rabbit in San Antonio before the band’s two-set show there. Topics included Dethklok comparisons, American bands potentially playing viking metal, and the Norway/Sweden metal rivalry.

Show recap here.


    […] The time comes and we go inside for our interviews. Brandy interviews Olavi first; look out for it to be up on The Guantlet soon; it’s hilarious, and her interview style is much different than mine! She graciously filmed my interview with Fredrik Andersonn, the drummer, and you can see it here! […]

    […] stage setup, the synchronized windmills, the way that they are kinda Dethklok personified (though when I interviewed the drummer, he had never heard of them…), these are the things that always bring me out to see the […]

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