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Take The World: She Wants Revenge, Nico Vega @ House of Blues Anaheim, 6/17/11

Take The World: She Wants Revenge, Nico Vega @ House of Blues Anaheim, 6/17/11

There are some bands I will always associate with the early days of HardRockChick, and She Wants Revenge is one of them. Their music continues to inspire me, and I continue to see them every chance I get.

It would be the first time I would set foot in a Disney park, and the hordes of children and parents and mouse ears kind of freaked me out. And then, when we rolled up to House of Blues, I could hear “BOOM BOOM POW” as teens danced away at a graduation party up on the porch. Where was I?

I met up with Adam, bassist/keys for She Wants Revenge, and we sought out a quiet, well lit place (TOUGH!) to do an interview I’d been chasing for months. You can check it out here.

It was good to see the soulful Nico Vega open the show; at first I thought it was a strange fit, but I really enjoyed the set. It was sad to hear her talk about losing her voice and canceling tours, but she sounded great. However, it was during this set that we began to notice the amount of alcohol being consumed around us…the place was packed but people kept shoving by us to get to the bar for more tall boy beers and blue cocktails…

I’ve written about She Wants Revenge so much in this space it’s hard to say anything new without getting repetitive and fangirly; all I can really say is this was one of their better shows I’ve seen. The new songs sound great, and they looked good playing them. The version of ‘Tear You Apart’ they played was outstanding. And after learning more about the band through my interview earlier that evening, when I already knew a lot about them to begin with, made me look at them with fresh eyes. That is, when some drunken person trying to record the entire show with their cell phone wasn’t obscuring them.

Instead, I decided that I would list the top 5 things in my life that I have either gotten / will get revenge on:

1. Some bitch stole my Barbie when I was in preschool, so I bit her, and got sent home.

2. I grew up fairly poor in a very rich school. To all the girls who used to make fun of the ‘creative’ way I dressed….FUCK YOU.

3. My first “love” and I started dating when I was 16, and for 7 years he made my life, mostly, a living hell. So I lost ‘the best years of my life’…but I got them back ten fold much later on. And he’s well aware of it and apologizes.

4. To the English teachers who told me I was not the best writer…..I did it anyway.

5. Girl likes boy. Boy pretends to like girl. Boy disappears. Boy reappears only to try to plead his way back in. Girl says no. Girl wins!

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