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GRAMMY Quickie: Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Nominee Sum 41

GRAMMY Quickie: Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Nominee Sum 41

Artist: Sum 41

Nominated track: “Blood In My Eyes” from their 2011 release Screaming Bloody Murder

HardRockChick: What is it about your nominated work that represents you as an artist?

Sum 41 bassist Jason “Cone” McCaslin: “Over the course of our career our band has done a wide variety of different styles of music. Playing heavy, hard music is something we’ve been doing for years now along with the “lighter” stuff we’ve also done. We are a rock band, we play all different kinds of rock music. The song “Blood in My Eyes” is one of those songs that we decided to take in the heavier direction. The lyrical content in the song is pretty intense so naturally the music needed to match that intensity. This song just represents what we are doing now as a band but also an evolution of what we started doing years ago.”

HRC: What would a GRAMMY win for this nomination mean to you?

Cone: “It’s cool to be nominated. Never been nominated for a GRAMMY before. I’m sure we’d all be pretty excited if we did end up winning. Its a pretty big feat for us to be nominated in this category.”

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