I’m going to resurrect an OLD category here since we are all at home nowadays, presumably with more free time to watch things. Back in the early days of HRC, I used to scavenge YouTube for awesome videos to post, back when YouTube was new and amazing gems were being uploaded every day. Now we are jaded, but the internet is still filled with gems that someone out there may have not seen.

Something that I put on from time to time and watch is EXPTV.org Big fan. And how do we show that we are a big fan these days? I support them on Patreon. Yeah so it’s not all music, but it harkens the old days of MTV and weird shit. If you are a frequenter of Alamo Drafthouse, think of the random stuff they show as you wait for the movies to begin.

You see, we have really reached peak On Demand content. Growing up with Cultural Gatekeepers like DJs and VJs and Important Writers, we were spoon fed what was cool. But then the internet “democratized” everything and we’ve been given the choice of what to watch, read, and listen to and when… or at least the illusion of that.

But you know what… I’m kinda tired of that, at least some of the time. Hey, Netflix realized this, and created that random choice feature [which I may have been on the research team for].

Anyway, sit back, relax, and watch EXP TV for a while.

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